• The Roots of Images of Medical Practice in Vesalius’s Fabrica and the Reform of Medicine in the Sixteenth Century, 2012 Sixteenth Century Society Conference
  • ‘An Ape or a Dog at Hand’ Sixteenth-Century Approaches to Public Dissections and Andreas Vesalius’s Use of Animals in the Study of Human Anatomy, Colloquium Series (Hanson Prize Lecture), History and Philosophy of Science Dept., Indiana University


  • Illustrations, mechanical explanations and experiment in the study of the kidney in the early sixteenth century, 20123 Societies Conference (History of Science Society, British History of Science Society, Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science)
  • Inflation, injection and the tasting of human flesh: Specialized techniques of dissection and the organization of anatomy in the early sixteenth century, American Association for the History of Medicine, 2012 annual conference
  • The Anatomist and the Book in the Sixteenth Century, University of Iowa History of Medicine Society Annual Dinner (invited)
  • The Revival of Vivisection in the Renaissance, Experimenting with Animals from Antiquity to the Enlightenment, Workshop, Oregon State University (invited)
  • Vesalius and the Book Trade, Annual meeting of the Southern Association of the History of Medicine and Science, March, 2010
  • The Anatomist and the Book, National Library of Medicine Graduate Student Speaker Series, August 2009 (competitive).
  • The Rhetoric of Change, Challenging the Establishment in Vesalius’ Fabrica,  16th  Century Society Annual Meeting, 2008
  • Anatomical Dedications from Benedetti to Vesalius, Disease, Experiment, Mechanism: Anatomical Knowledge between the 16th and 17 centuries A workshop organized by the Center for the History of Medicine Indiana University, February, 2007
  • Niccoló Cabeo’s anti-Galilean Notions, 2006 Midwest Junto of the History of Science Society annual meeting

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